Industrial documents from the Cairo Geniza during the Ayyubid period 569-648 AH / 1173-1250 AD


  • Ahlam Salman Ali Al-Janabi University of Anbar College of Education for Human Sciences
  • Abdul-Jabbar Mahmoud Shreims University of Anbar College of Education for Human Sciences


wathayiq, janizat, alqahirat, alsinaeiat, aleahd alaywbi


The Cairo Geniza documents are one of the sources of the history of the Islamic world, especially the economic one. There are many documents that confirm and refer to the activity of economic life and the role of the Jews in Egypt and neighboring countries during the Ayyubid era (569-648 AH / 1173-1250 AD; Therefore, the meaning of the Geniza or Geniza was clarified and its concept, linguistically and idiomatically, then clarified and clarified the role of the Sultan “Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi” and the sultans after him in activating and encouraging the Ayyubid industry and civil and military industrial products and commodities. And Islamic countries are non-Islamic countries, and what was exported to countries, what was imported, their weights, colors, quantities and prices, and who was the sender and the addressee, all of this was found preserved in lists, records and documents of the funeral, and it was concluded that the Ayyubid economy in general and industry in particular was in the most beautiful form of security and all requirements Successful industry Despite the political instability thanks to the firmness, strength and rationality of the Ayyubid authority at the time on the industrial level, the Ayyubid era was characterized by industrial prosperity and the diversity of industries and crafts. 'amaa khutat albahth fatadamanat thalathat mahawira: khusas almihwar al'awal limafhum aljanizat lughat almihwar althaani aladhi tadaman awla - alsinaeat fi aleahd wainiwaeaha w thanyaan - alsunaae wafawayid alsunaae fi "wathayiq janizat alqahira" wamin thama khatimat albahth waqayimat alhawamish walmasadir walmarajie alearabiat walaijnabiati. aietamadat aldirasat ealaa wathayiq wathayiq alwathiqa "dhat alsilat bimawdue alsinaeat alaywbyti