• Issa Qasim Hasan Erbil\Salahaddin University \ College of languages
  • Ashwaq Mohammed Ismaiel Al-Najjar Erbil\Salahaddin University College of Languages


Factors, Argumentation, Fighting Verses, The Holy Qur’an


This research aims to study the argumentative factors in the fighting verses in the Holy Qur’an, and state their effectiveness in understanding the purpose of Quranic discourse. Since it is one of the key issues that underlies the process of discourse; in addition to its important in discourse orientation, the intended recipient contributes in recipient’s understanding of the discourse purposes; because it hastes in the process of linking the argument to the result in the mind of the recipient by eliminating all interpretations that accompany the discourse and being satisfied with the result that is appropriate to its context, and which would achieve persuasion in the communication process. The nature of the research necessitated a forward to indicate the function of argumentative factors in harnessing all argumentative potentials for the core issue in the discourse because the argumentative factor supports the argument, drawing attention to the implicit issue that exists in the discourse. Then the research touches on the grammar style “pleasance” among Arab scientists from different disciplines; its exclusive underlying functions in the discourse and restrictions contribute to fulfill the purpose of the discourse. Next, the research covers the argumentative factors in western linguistic studies that are exemplified in the work of Ducrot and Anscombre who argue that language fundamentally bears an argumentative trait. After that, in the practical section, the researcher analyzes the holy verses from the blog of research to clarify the impact of argumentative factors and their effectiveness on recipient’s understanding of the discourse purposes. Finally, the study concludes that argumentative factors have a demonstrable impact on fixing the time for jihad and fighting, confines it exclusively to an assault on the believers, and the faction should be fought