The multiplicity of jurisprudential opinions regarding the symptoms that hinder the performance of obligatory duties in the time of epidemics


  • Ismail Salem Saleh Al-Barzanji Ministry of Education / Nineveh Education Directorate


Jurisprudence, symptoms, obligatory epidemics, dangers


The multiplicity of opinions regarding the symptoms that hinder the performance of the obligatory duties during the time of the repentance The research aims to demonstrate the capacity of Islamic law and its inclusion in ease and relief from the nation by enumerating the jurisprudential opinions on the symptoms that hinder the performance of obligatory duties in the time of epidemics and the dangers that afflict nations and peoples and destroy them. This is the focus of our research.The Corona epidemic has occurred in the countries of the whole world, and it is a great epidemic that has gone out of the way and confined people in their homes, but in their rooms, even one house, in which rooms were made isolated, so we find only closed markets, empty roads, and mosques free of gathering and groups, and people are in fear, panic and frightening terror, the epidemic has affected On the details of the life of the whole world, he stopped people’s work, occupied them, disrupted their lives, stopped studying and prevented travel, and kept people apart, until I made them sit isolated in their homes, and stopped the world’s economy and caused the collapse of the economy of many countries until we found in some Western countries their citizens throwing their money in the roads because they realized Death and were unable to heal as if the resurrection was upon them.But the Muslims were not perplexed because they believe in God’s decree and destiny (Say, “Nothing will happen to us except what God has decreed for us.” Governments and Islamic countries have agreed to close mosques and prevent gatherings and groups, and to suffice with raising the call to prayer at the time of prayers. Disruption of mosques, rather the qiblah of worshipers, the Sacred House of God, was devoid of sects and worshipers, only the presence of the muezzins and the imam, in order to establish rituals and not to disable them completely and to remind people to return to God Almighty, because He alone is blessed and Almighty able to lift this epidemic and affliction, humanity is powerless with all its capabilities and scientific and medical energy from Finding a cure for this disease, so there is no escape from God except to Him (so flee to God).Through our research, we discuss the opinions of the jurists on this issue and clarify the most correct one. And God is the conciliator for what is right. I ask Him for help, extension, and payment