Tudmair : The city of revolutions against the Umayyad rule in Andalusia


  • Ahmed Dahib Hadi Ministry of Education The General Directorate of Education\ in Karbala Governorate


The city of destruction, revolutions, the Umayyads, Andalusia


The research touched on the city of Tadmur and the regions from which this city was formed, with going into some of its details. Part of our study to deal with its bounties (minerals, orchards and rivers), in addition to the human abundance represented by the population, and these two features were credited with the richness and prosperity of Andalusia, in addition to that, these played a role in providing the people of Andalusia with a large number of agricultural crops that they need, As a result of the abundance of rivers that encouraged people to produce agricultural yields and dysfunctional fruits, and this is what encouraged some leaders to revolts and try to break away from the Umayyad rule (163 AH-422 AH / 779 AD-1030 AD), with mentioning the reasons that led to these revolutions and their results, and the research showed that The reason for these revolutions is due to the desire of some of its leaders to secede and monopolize the rule in it, and to seize its resources and human resources, as well as the Umayyad rulers’ lack of interest in their subjects in the city, which motivated the people to support the revolutionaries against the Umayyad rule, due to the violent sedition. The Yamani tribe moved to Andalusia, which indicates that tribal fanaticism did not leave the Muslims, but rather remained with them wherever they pleased, in addition to the presence of parties working to fuel it whenever their interest required it.We also do not forget the role of the Carolingians who encouraged these revolutions and their continuous support for the opposition movements with weapons and money on the one hand, and on the other hand, the support of the separatists in order to destabilize the situation inside the Andalusian cities, especially destruction, for the purpose of achieving their goal of controlling the country with minimal losses, especially since this part From Andalusia is famous for the abundance of silver metal; Therefore, all parties tried hard to control Tadmur to benefit from its wealth.