A masterpiece for those wishing to explain the order of the plagues Abi Yahya Zakaria bin Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Zakariya Al-Ansari Al-Khazraji (d. 926 AH / 1520 AD)


  • Majid Abid Zaid Ahmed Alkhzraji University Of Babylon / Basic Education’s Collage


plague, disease, demons, epidemic


Because of the importance of the manuscript “Tuhfat Al-Thaqariya fi Al-Thawaa’ li'abi Al-Fawa’i” by Abu Yahya Zakaria Bin Muhammad Al-Ansari, 824 A.H. 1520 AD), he was born in the year eight hundred and twenty-six in Seneca from the eastern part of a poor family, grew up in it and memorized the Qur’an. Al-Badrashi, Al-Shehab bin Al-Majdi, Al-Badr Al-Nasabah, Al-Bushanji, Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar, Al-Sharaf Al-Manawi, and he took from Al-Kafiji, Ibn Al-Hammam, and countless many, then returned to his town Snake, and returned again to Cairo. He excelled in all other sciences of Sharia, such as interpretation, hadith, doctrine, jurisprudence, mysticism, language and logic.He taught several schools, including the Sheikh of Salihah and Khanaqah a Sufi until he was promoted to the position of judges after many abstentions, in Rajab in the year eighty-six and he continued as a judge for the term of the mandate of Al-Ashraf Qaytbay and lasted as a judge of Qoqadas for twenty years until Sultan Qansuh Al-Ghouri dismissed him in 906 AH, and he is still a lieutenant in teaching and issuing fatwas. And classification and innumerable creatures benefited from it) he is one of the notables of the eighth and ninth centuries AH, and therefore he took an important share of books to collect the material he formulated in this book, which gives him a clear picture about the authors who preceded him, as well as another reason which is that the author incorporated the religious aspect In writing with the historical aspect, he relied on what he had collected from the narrative heritage