The structure of the function in the poetry of Al-Maarri


  • Roaa Hameed Mandeel Hajim
  • Mohammed Shakir Al-Rubaiee University Of Babylon College of education


Central structures, alienated structures, rational structures, religious structures, marginal structures


This critical study aims to stand on (the signifying structure in Al-Maarry’s poetry). So we searched through this mechanism in the poetic text in order to discover the inner world of that poetry, through the mechanism of comprehension set by Goldman, the researcher in the literary text in order to extract the thematic unity on which the text was built and thus traced the urgent structures within the text whose appearance formed a prominent pattern that was built She has his speech. The first section was under the title of the central structures, which depended on the linguistic base, and on the basis of their frequent occurrence and the frequency of their data and connotations, while the second section of it was the marginal structures and marked them with marginality because they are less frequent than the previous one, and their arrival forms a pattern and aesthetic emotions added to the structure of the text.The research revealed to us that the indicative structure in Al-Ma’arri’s poetry is characterized by the characteristic of comprehensiveness, as the overall context is the main tool for understanding the study of Al-Ma’arri’s poetry in the light of a conscious reading of his poetic text.The signifying structure in Al-Ma'arri's poetry was characterized by a supreme poetic language, which expressed a conscious understanding of the nature of the poetic text and the apparent and hidden connotations it carries.The emergence of semantic diversity of systemic structures in Al-Maarri’s poetry and its content of alienation structure, mental and logical structure, and religious structure is the best evidence of the merging of his personal vision with the societal vision, and we transform it into a comprehensive vision that is more in harmony with the data of the general vision. This is consistent with the (Goldmani) subtraction of the concept of function structure.The importance of urgent structures is evident in Al-Maarri's poetry as an important semantic system that dominated most of his poetic production, because of its serious importance and ideological, religious and political dimensions at that stage.Despite the dominance of the central structures in the poetic content of Al-Ma’arri, we find, on the other hand, other marginal structures that differ in poetic content from one text to another, expressing the experiences and moods of individuals, but in fact they are structures that are no less important than the central structures because they have an aesthetic dimension, and gave literary criticism a criterion Differentiate between the two structures and identify the differences and similarities between them.The research revealed to us the importance of the opposite structures in the poetic texts of Al-Ma’ari, and the role they play in moving the perceptual level of the recipient, and working to capture the difference, synonymy and contradiction in the one semantic level.Contrasting formed a semantic theme with a purposeful poetic pattern in Al-Ma’arri’s poetic texts, which made him work to employ opposing dualities in its various contents, for purposes and goals that are more than aesthetic and expressive.Employing the property of semantic antagonism has goals and objectives greater than what is shown by the single meaning, and this is what is diagnosed by formative structuralism through class awareness and understanding of social reality and its loads in perceiving, understanding and interpreting the text. The importance of the semantic structure in Al-Maarri’s poetry is reflected in the satirical monetary structure that is able to influence the facts of reality. The interior of that poetry, through textual structures and in a central and marginal state represented in his poetry