The wines of the minister Muhammad bin Abdul Malik Al-Zayat


  • Elaf Adnan Haidar Republic of Iraq Babylon Governorate Governor Office
  • Hana Jawad Abdel Sada University of Babylon/ College of Education for Human Sciences/ Department of Arabic Language


Al-Zayat, wines, wine poetry, flirtation with wine, evolution of wines


The Arabs have known wine since ancient times, and drinking wine became widespread among the classes of society in the Arabian Peninsula, because it was in particular one of the pride of the Arab masters and its scarcity and exorbitant prices. As for the Abbasid era, the changes reached a great extent in terms of life and society, and the spirit of the new era was reflected in the poetry of the winery. Then, the development of life has allowed the existence of suitable places for fun and conviviality, and the wine has become one of the advanced poetic arts, as it began to be simple in the life of the ignorant. It resonated widely and did not develop until the Abbasid era, and with the beginning of the second century AH, the talk about drinking wine among poets of this century became an art, as he left the image of Bedouin and simplicity to other forms of ancient To complicate it to arrive in its optimal form of craftsmanship and complexity from Muslim bin Al-Walid, then it reaches its peak in the beauty of the formulation and the novelty of the subject according to Abu Nawas. The field is balanced and free from immorality and immorality, and it may be immersed in blatant promiscuity. Before assuming the ministry, al-Zayyat lived a lame life. Zayat described these councils accompanied by his owner and the chief of the council named (Yahya). The truth is that al-Zayyat clearly reflected the prevailing ideas and behaviors in the councils of the upper classes. In society, he depicted scenes of decadence, luxury, and elegant immorality that angered the majority of Muslim scholars. Al-Zayat referred to the reasons for drinking wine, which represented him the refuge and the home to which he would flee. The liquor was made with it, its aging and its drinkers, and then it came to the zayat to separate what was going on in those councils in a language filled with passion, degrading, pornography and incitement to commit sins. The door of his divine life through it, for this became for the wine poets a new civilized and life value that has its components, customs and fees that they are keen on. In Al-Zayyat's poetry, it appeared in an image similar to the image of wine in his time, which was close to the stereotype.