Authority in the novel (A Bird from the East) by Tawfiq Al-Hakim


  • Mousa Alqaisy University of Babylon / College of Education for Humanitarian Sciences
  • Ahmed Aldadah University of Babylon / College of Education for Humanitarian Sciences


Authority, Novel, A Bird from East, Tawfeek Alhakeem


The research deals with (Authority); as multiple humanitarian relationships of all kinds, methods of forming, work mechanisms, and the organizational principle directed to them. It thus constitutes a cultural system, which includes patterns of conflicting powers, between (the ego) and (the other) with its various manifestations, which rise on the basis of directing and control in exchange for wavering and submission. The search approached the novel (A Bird from the East) by the great writer ( Tawfiq al-Hakim ); it is considered as a text, or a space to occupy the topic (Authority), and the importance of this novel, which was written in 1938 AD, comes from the fact that it is the first Arab novel that was exposed to the civilizational relations between East and West, in addition to its hoarding of basic cultural contents. It tried to draw patterns of the antagonistic (cosmic) relationship between the West and The Islamic world, the (internal) relations between the members of their people and their authoritarian institutions, as well as the reality of the novel as it is classified as a narrative (autobiographical), its author is its hero who lived its facts and scenes in (Cairo / Egypt) and (Paris / France) to be these two capitals the two prominent representatives of East and West, and of the (authoritarian) relationship formulas between them. The study aims from its approach to the novelistic text, to reveal the structure of (the central western culture), and to observe the relations of domination and the types that it exercises towards the (other) and the consequences of that Following the path of the narrative events, and reading their (authoritarian) cultural context, necessitated that the research plan be based on three pivots: The first pivot: the authority of civilization, which is classified into: 1- Colonialism 2- Capitalism and Socialism 3- Time and place. The second pivot was entitled with: The Authority of Religion, as it is divided into: 1. The Church. 2. Lady Zainab (peace upon her). 3. Criticism of religious thought. Third pivot was formed by the authority of love, which was based on three moments: 1- The moment of purification. 2- The moment of sin. 3- The moment of shock Thus, the research plan created a coherent path stemming from the body of the study, and a true representative of it at the level of topics and their hierarchy. Pursuing the qualitative development of images of multiple authority in the novelistic achievement.