The Concept of Sharing in ( Faail , Tafaul and Iftial) A Semantic and Morphological Study


  • Rafid Hameed Swedan College of Arts Al Anbar University


subject - interaction - modal - federate


The idea of this research was established when I saw the multiplicity of formulas with one meaning, and I chose three formulas, which are combined with the meaning of participation, which are (doer, interaction and feat), but the difference between them is in terms of expressing that intended, as expressing one meaning with more than one phrase that contradicts the vocabulary One of the two vocabulary has a meaning in terms of the situation, in addition to the contrast of its expressions, used in the speech of the Arabs, and the expression of one intent, due to the difference in the multiplicity of formulas, is a prominent feature in our Arabic language, and since the meaning of participation fell from these three forms, I mean (active, interacting, and creating), I wanted to reveal how this expression is and what is related to it, and how the meaning of participation takes place in different forms and structures, and the meaning of all of them is one. And when the research contained three formulas, each of them was made into a special topic, preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion. And since the forms are three, each of them is made into a topic, so the form (subjective) was the first topic, and I indicated that it comes to several meanings, then I spoke about it in terms of it being intransitive and then becoming transitive with this thousand to something else. As for the second topic, it was for the form (interact), which differentiates from a subject from the faces I talked about, then I mentioned that there is a common denominator between the two forms, which is the side of the meaning, then I moved to talk about the construction of (interact) missing from the construction of (subject) an object, and I mentioned provisions consequent to this deficiency. As for the third topic, it was devoted to the formula (contend), which shares with the two forms in the general sense of participation, but this formula was developed for multiple participants in the origin of the verb. Then the research concluded with its findings.