The Philosophical Meaning in Sufi Experience AL- Niffari as a Model


  • Ruaa Zubair Abduljabbar University of Mosul/ College of Arts/ Department of Philosophy
  • Muthana Yaseen Saleh University of Mosul/ College of Arts/ Department of Philosophy


Sufi experience, philosophical mysticism, symbolic language, existential truth, Care


Al-Niffari’s Sufi experience is a unique experience in the world of Sufism, as it is an intensely intense experience, permeated with feelings of pain, hope, patience and longing, expressed in a symbolic language of high level of great impact. This mystical experience is based in its deep essence on the event of the (waqf) as the complete annihilation in the absolute and the unity of the witnesses.The study aims to describe and analyze the meanings of this unique experience, a thinking analysis that transcends a premature logical analysis that is unable to comprehend the sublime existential meanings of the distinctive mystical experience of Al-Niffari.In the first topic (Phrase and Meaning) we tried to analyze the symbolic language of the nebulous text as a comprehensive symbolism of the essence of the existential truth, a symbolism whose captives are not revealed except by a retrospective reading of the escalating movement of thought. Then, in a subsequent paragraph, we shed light on the intended meanings of the patient indulgence of Al-Niffari in the experience of the pause, trying to define his mystical doctrine accurately.In the second topic (theoretical mysticism - mysticism and knowledge) we analyzed the relationship between the mystical experience and knowledge through a structural deconstruction of the nature of the event of the pause, then in a second paragraph we analyzed the hierarchy of concepts: science and knowledge in the light of the concept of spiritual advancement as the literature of thought and conscience. In the third paragraph, we analyzed the relationship of the pause to time or the pause between permanence and separation, leading to the discovery of the currentness of the event of the pause, that is, permanence as an unremitting resistance and an unfulfilled crossing...As for the third and final topic, we have devoted it to analyzing the basic distinction between a pause in terms of an event, and a pause in terms of a science. In the first paragraph, this distinction was confirmed and confirmed after establishing the original hierarchy between two different types of existence, leading to an understanding of the pause experience as the absolute void. In the second paragraph, we discussed the form of perception that is organically compatible with the essence of this creative experience. In the last paragraph, we analyzed the concept of a major pause as a transgression of all mediation