Uplifting and Social Reconstruction: A Study of Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy


  • Mohammed Ali Hussein M. A. English Literature \Educational Directorate of Al-Anbar


Uplifting, Looking Backward, Theodore Brameld, Reconstructionism and Utopianism


There is no doubt that with the advancement in technological aspects, civilization and modern lifestyle, many crises and social contradictions come into being. The spread of poverty, inequality and the absence of social justice, all these reasons led the philosophers and thinkers to look for solutions to the crises that society suffers from. People by nature always try to forecast the future and anticipate how the future will be. This anticipation of the future is full of eagerness to have a perfect one. This paper studies the concept of social and educational reformation in (Looking Backward 2000-1887) by Edward Bellamy. The novel is an uplifting and positive fiction. The study also sheds light on Reconstructionism and Utopianism. It transacts with them according to the ideas and perspectives on education by Theodore Brameld who is an educational philosopher. The study also aims to investigate the importance of education in changing personal and social life. Technological and scientific progress can make lofty life or can destroy life; it depends on the way that people use it. The only way for the utopian life is the perfect and global educational philosophy