The Influence of a Collaborative Writing- Based Instructional Program Delivered Through E-Learning Platforms on Improving Undergraduate EFL Learners' Creative Writing Skills


  • Kadhim Muhammad Musa AlShammari University of Babylon/ College of Basic Education
  • Muna Mohammed Abbas AL-Khateeb University of Babylon/ College of Basic Education
  • Nadia Hameed Hassoon University of Babylon


Effectiveness, Instructional Program, Augmented Reality Technology, ART, Visual Intelligence Skills


The present study aims at investigating The Effectiveness of an Instructional Program Based on Collaborative Writing Via E-learning Platforms on College EFL Learners' Creative Writing Skills Improvement''. To achieve this aim, the researchers proposed an instructional program based on Collaborative Writing to be followed. This study is limited to University of Babylon – College of Basic Education – Department of English for the academic year 2020-2021. The sample is represented by the Third year students at the department of English/ Morning studies which was 87 participants. Translation syllabus terms (for the second course) as recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research are taught. The sample members were divided into two groups. The first group is the experimental which consisted of (42) students who were taught by depending on Collaborative Writing via E-learning platforms (i.e., Google Classroom and Telegram). The second group is the control which consisted of (45) students who were taught by the traditional way. The Experimental design is adopted as it fits with the aim improvement. The researchers Conduct a final administration of the post-test of Creative Writing Skills, then, the collected data were analyzed to get results using suitable statistical tools. It is concluded that collaborative writing has certain advantages for students' creative writing. To begin with, it may assist a group of students in utilizing the combined strength of all of its members to complete their job. One member of the group, for example, excels in organizing thoughts while another excels at vocabulary. So, while working on a writing job, students may cooperate and profit from each other, the group members.