The effects of registering unregistered lands


  • hayder Saud Khudair Al Masoudi
  • Muhammad Sadiqi


lands, unregistered lands, real estate registration, authenticity of registration, renewed registration


It is noted from the explanation of the provisions of renewed registration in the Real Estate Registration Law No. 43 of 1971 that the renewed registration for unregistered lands was done voluntarily and based on the review of the person requesting registration, and this matter, of course, cannot lead to ending the status of unregistered properties, which calls for To think about finding a final solution to this issue, and this solution is represented by the state’s intervention and its enactment of legislation obligating individuals who own unregistered properties to register them within a specific period, and the First Amendment Law to the Real Estate Registration Law was legislated by Law No. 181 of 1980. I have come up with this study of important conclusions and results, some of which are detailed and require the legislator to carefully consider the provisions of the law related to unsettled lands, and to provide the legislative protection that each legislator seeks in his legislative policy.Perhaps it was clear that the legislation under study in general did not provide legal rules and provisions through which to regulate this type of land to the extent that is commensurate with its importance and the special nature that distinguishes it from other types of various lands, which led to the emergence of many legal problems that had many opinions. Legal jurisprudence and comparative judiciary rulings have a prominent impact on appropriate solutions to these problems.