The contextual mechanisms in the grammatical discourse in Al-Muqtaḍab book by Al-Mubarrad (A Analytical Study)


  • Hossein Takbar Firouzjai
  • Mahdi Nasseri
  • Ali Hussein Gharkan Al-Suwaiti


context, linguistic context, non-linguistic context, discursive, grammatical discourse, situational context, speaker and addressee


The context is one of the most important tools that work on interpreting the linguistic and grammatical text, due to its role in expressing the meanings and purposes that the structures want to convey. In addition, the context constitutes a factor with different connotations, some of which are related to building the grammatical structures themselves, "and it is called the linguistic context," which specifies the grammatical relationships within the text and interprets them. And some of which surround the structures externally and are called "non-linguistic or contextual context," which are the external discourse circumstances surrounding the text and reflecting their influence on the linguistic structure of the structures. Al-Mubarrad noted in his concise book the importance of the context as having a direct impact on the processes of addressing and communication, as well as its direct impact on building the grammatical structures, and the associated differences in meanings and purposes. Therefore, we find Al-Mubarrad often relying on the discourse-context in his grammatical analyses and directions. The grammatical text and its structures in the concise book were not built in isolation from the context and the circumstances of speech that have an impact on determining the nature and structure of the language. The importance of this research - The contextual mechanisms in the grammatical discourse in Al-Muqtaḍab book by Al-Mubarrad: A Analytical Study, revealing an attempt to frame the discursive context in the Arab heritage as an applied field. This research addresses defining the relationship of the context to the analysis of grammatical discourse in Al-Mubarrad's work, highlighting its impact on the grammatical functions associated with structures and communicative relationships. The idea of context or circumstance or discourse circumstances was the central point around which the analysis of grammatical discourse in the concise book revolved, one of the results reached by the research is that our early scholars, led by Al-Mubarrad, based most of their grammatical principles on the influence of context on words, meanings, and objectives. In addition to that, context was used in dealing with many grammatical issues, especially interpretation, omission, preference, and directing the correct direction of linguistic structures. This took into consideration the functional aspect of language and the communicative role of discourse participants in the analysis of the grammatical text.