Heart diseases and their treatment in the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (objective study)


  • Sanaa Abdullah Muhammad Jaralnabi


illnesses -Hearts- Hatred- Mistrust -Spying


In this research, I shed light on heart diseases mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, and clarified the terms and concepts related to the subject. It talked about the diseases that afflict the heart and their causes. As for the causes of these diseases, they were two main reasons: the first: committing sins and committing transgressions, and the second reason: Turning away from the truth and denying it after knowledge, which resulted from disbelief, deviation, and abandoning the truth. This study included an introduction, four sections, and a conclusion. The introduction dealt with the importance of knowing heart diseases, and the division of the research was as follows: The first section dealt with the terminology of diseases. Hearts, signs of heart disease, treatment of heart disease The second section explained hatred, and the third section dealt with mistrust. The fourth section covered espionage, and the conclusion was to present the most important results and recommendations. The research reached a number of results, including: Heart diseases are among the most difficult diseases to treat, and their harm is not limited to the hateful person only, but extends beyond that to harm society as well, creating enmity and hatred among its members. Likewise, the Holy Qur’an paid attention to man, so it directed its speech to him, Sometimes to his mind and soul, and other times to his limbs and emotions, and perhaps the Qur’anic discourse directed to the human heart occupies the highest priority and attention because of its importance in determining the human path. The research recommended returning to the Book of God Almighty, which is the effective remedy for treating all diseases of the heart, and making sure to contemplate its verses. I also recommend conducting similar studies on other topics.