Power in the text of the play (The Bassous War) I Ahmed a lot


  • Nadia Hazem Dahham Al - Hayali


power, subjectivity, political, abandonment, spying


The theater occupies great importance among the various creative arts, through which the creatives were able to embody life and its ideas and events. The creative (Ali Ahmed Bakathir) was one of the most sincere Arab writers to this human art, where his writings were characterized by sincere boldness, insightful vision and creative professionalism, the qualifications of creative leadership and positive giving were completed fruitful in it, and its historical and political products, including the script of the play (War of Basus) were a reap of rewards of whose creativity has its uniqueness of being able to keep up with events as well as the reduction and intensification required by the time factor and the limited textual space, and therefore this Arab theatrical text was conducted with careful and meditative scientific study. There are many studies that dealt with the theatrical texts (Bakathir), but with regard the topic of "power" and its manifestations we did not find as far as we know no one has ever brought up and therefore came to be the first study of power in this historical political text. That we hope that will open up a window to study the rest of the Arab drama scripts in their integration and the multiplicity of the vision angles and their love to raise questions in front of the scholars and those interested in the theatrical works (Bakathir). This study strives to achieve a fundamental goal focused on dealing with power in the text of the play "War of Basus" by (Akathir) which is based on textual analysis and friendly discussion of the passages of this text, to explore that power adopting the analytical descriptive approach to reach the most important stylistic and artistic results in this Arabic theatrical script.This study includes addressing the concept of power in the preface in four points: Power in linguistic and terminology and the relationship of power to the theater and deals with war during pre-Islam period and bibliography of (Bakathir) and through deep reading and review the play script (research sample). The study decided to study power topic three axes: self-power, social and political power.