Dualities In the poetry of Talal Al-Junaibi


  • Mortada Kazem Githum
  • Mahmoud Muslimi


Emirati poetry, opposite dualities, types of dualities, Talal Al-Junaibi.


Opposites are one of the most important critical issues in the modern era They have been given great importance by critics and theorists, so these studies have begun to expand despite the ancients’ disagreement on them and their disagreement between the occurrence of opposites and their absence in language. These dualities are an artistic technique that has long been used by the Emirati poet Talal. Al-Junaibi has formed a stylistic structure whose main theme is contrast, and its main function is to achieve amazement in the recipient by breaking his expectations. It reveals itself without explicitly mentioning it. Rather, the paradoxical statement resorts to hinting and pointing. This has been achieved To several results, perhaps the most important of which is: Opposite dualities constitute an important stylistic feature in Talal Al-Junaibi’s poetry, as the study revealed the aesthetics of the poet’s use of opposite dualities by tracing the subjective dualism (the self and the other), the spatial dualism (near and far), and the existential dualisms (presence and absence, life and death). The study also revealed the poet's ability to exploit various language mechanisms at the level of phonetic connotation, grammatical connotation, and lexical connotation. This employment endowed Al-Junaibi's texts with tremendous expressive energy that nourished his opposite dualities. The poet Talal Al-Junaibi also did well in employing language techniques that revealed the dualities of opposites, and this is what we found when he did well in employing symbolism, nature, embodiment, anthropomorphism, and the correspondence of the senses. In its plan, this study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach to reach its desired goals. Description takes it upon itself to present the artistic linguistic phenomenon based on verbal or moral paradox. Analysis is an attempt to trace the opposite dualities in the texts of the poet Al-Junaibi, and reveal the hidden meanings of their opposites, whether they are Verbal, such as day and night, or moral, which is related to social studies such as the self and the other, proximity and distance, death and life, and others