Evaluation of the Arabic language book for the first grade intermediate from the point of view of supervisors and teachers


  • Zeina Fadel Mahdi


Calendar, Arabic language book, first grade intermediate students, supervisor of Arabic language, teacher and teachers of Arabic language


       The objective of the research was to evaluate the Arabic language book for the middle stage and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its components: objectives, content, methods of teaching, educational activities, and evaluation. The researcher used the analytical descriptive method and prepared a list of the required standards in the Arabic language book. And after making the necessary modifications to it, it turned the list into a tool to search in the form of a questionnaire, and after the researcher confirmed the validity of the questionnaire and its persistence, it applied to the sample of the research consisting of (122) supervisors, teachers and schools. After collecting the questionnaire and emptying it, and obtaining the required data, the researcher processed it statistically. Based on the theoretical framework of the research and the results reached, the researcher recommends the following: You must take into account the standards that must be available in the Arabic language book for the first grade in order to achieve the desired educational goals of it efficiently and effectively, it is important that the content of the book is characterized by marketing and take into account the tendencies of the students and their needs and trends and previous experiences, The attention should be paid to the use of tests at the end of each topic, and to take into account the individual differences, the students' tendencies, their needs and their attitudes, And the evaluation of the calendar in a balanced way to give each side the same amount of attention, and the assessment of the evaluation of the subjectivity in the assessment of grades), in light of the results of the current research made a set of proposals for studies that could contribute to the development of the Arabic language book and upgradinge.