Social Thinking System and its Relation to the Acceptance of the other- Social Analytical study


  • Shalal Hamid Suleiman
  • Enas Muhammad Aziz


Social thought - acceptance of others - intellectual roots - coexistence - hatred


Ideas in general do not arise from a vacuum, but rather they meet a social need, linked to the reality of society and the overall social circumstances and conditions in which it lives and the social problems it suffers from, the study of which requires a return to knowledge of its intellectual roots with the aim of identifying its causes and ways to evaluate it, and represents the relationship with the other and his acceptance or rejection. One of the phenomena that requires studying is a return to the historical depth and the specific motives for the nature of this relationship, whether it is based on the values of coexistence, tolerance and acceptance, or hatred and ostracism by rejecting the other as a social partner. According to the rules of rivalry, competition and cooperation on which the laws of human survival are based, which are not to compete until death with the other. Had it not been for that, this diversity and multiplicity of human races would not have existed until now, after human nature has proven the impossibility of living separately from the rest of the human race. In order for a person to achieve stability and social balance, he must live with members of his community and be associated with them in various types of social relationships that are Cooperation and positive interaction are a reason based on acceptance of the other. We cannot imagine a society that can develop and progress without there being solid and strong foundations based on a system of cultural, religious and cognitive ideas that enhance this acceptance. All societies that developed believed in the principle of preserving the rights of others, at least In the aspect of acceptance, which works to produce psychological and social aspects that work to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. All social theories that studied societies of multiple nationalities and sects tried to emphasize the structure of commonalities and stayed away from everything that raises conflicts or works to exclude the other. Society is a unitary entity that cannot be divided. He lives his normal life without having a point of meeting and coexisting with others.