The effect of the Shamashqi sermon on the formation of the thesaurus of the Arabic language, an aesthetic study


  • Ammar Adnan Manaf Al-Zuwaini


Al-Shaqshaqiya, aesthetic text, linguistic values, aesthetic study


The Shaqshaqiya sermon contains a wonderful aesthetic study, as it includes linguistic (vocal) values and a semantic dimension. It also contains syntactic values and a syntactic dimension, and includes interwoven relationships in the unity of the text and its dimensions in the context. With the unity of the texts and their dimensions, we arrive at the aesthetic values and their influential dimensions due to the style of The text and its beauty. The research includes an aesthetic study, adopting an artistic approach that involves extrapolating, analyzing and studying texts. It is the analytical method. The aesthetic study is diverse, including: the word and phrase at the semantic and phonetic levels; This is due to their importance in aesthetic study, as well as the aesthetics of the image in the text (simile, metonymy, and metaphor), as well as the aesthetics of style. The sermon captivates you with its style, makes you stop in every position, and attracts you to it, because it possesses linguistic values at their various levels (phonetic, morphological, and syntactic and semantic). The research reached a result : ahtmam alkhtbt balhrwf wdlalatiha, wkdhlk bwhdt alnnss almshtml elaa trakyb lghwyt emyqtin, waydan astemal alttalwyh wal'isharti, wajml ma wsl 'ilyh albahth hu alasalyb alddlalyt almlwwnt min tikrar wsje w'iyqae whusn abtda' wkhtam fi nsws lamthyl lha, wkdhlk jmalyt alsswr albyanyti.klmat mftahyatun: alshshqshqyt, alnnas aljmalyu, qym lghwytun, alddrast aljmalyatu. The research reached results, including: the sermon’s attention to letters and their connotations, as well as to the unity of the text that includes deep linguistic structures, as well as the use of allusion and pointing. The most beautiful thing the research has achieved is the colorful semantic methods of repetition, assonance, rhythm, and good beginning and ending in texts. It is unparalleled, as is the beauty of the images Graphic.