Creation of Islamic Personality based on the life of the Prophet Muhammad


  • Liqaa Abdullah Hussein Al-Mawla


personality, refinement, mind, soul, body, Sunnah


The personality of Muslims has been influenced negatively by the current absence of values and the moral chaos that is spreading in the world. This leads to a clear lost of the values and the desirable features of the Islamic personality. Therefore, a proper definition of the Islamic personality is strongly needed in order to make it clear for Muslims that seek for the required values and/or features to follow the right way of Islam. This will also help to recover the destroyed manners and guide Muslims to have the right values. The rehabilitation should be divided into elements: the first one is related to the brain, the second one is related to the body and the last one is related to the soul. These elements are firmly connected to each other, and the prophet Muhammad is the best example of how to use these elements in the right way (based on Islamic guidance) to have the proper Islamic personality. The replacement of unawareness by the knowledge and the darkness by the illumination which resulted the best nation ever. Based on the guidance of Allah and the prophet Muhammed with the right use of brain, body and soul can result the proper/required Islamic personality which is far away from the current moral chaos