The Rhetorical methods in Hebrew advertisements


  • Zena Jaber Yass


Advertisement – Advertisement language – The Rhetorical devices - The function of rhetorical devices


Advertisement is one of the Media most efficient persuasive communicative activities designed to marketing different ideas and products with the aim of influencing consumers' perception of goods and services.The present study sheds light on the most prominent rhetorical devices that constitute the persuasive structure of the Hebrew advertisements published in various media outlet. The study is conducted by means of analyzing the linguistic structure of the advertising texts and according to the analytic and descriptive approach to know the characteristics and the functions of the oratorical devices used in the advertising industry. The research elucidates that most of the advertisements are written in slang language, and this is due to the desire to address the audience in an appealed to emotions desirable language. Furthermore, the study illustrates that the phenomena of recurrence and metaphor are the most used rhetorical devices in Hebrew advertisements. 2. The language of the advertisement relies to a large extent on the spoken language in general and the slang language in particular in the formulation of advertising texts and in various fields, and this stems from the desire to address the public in a language that is pleasing to them and arouses their feelings.The language of the advertisement reflects cultural and social dimensions related to a particular company. The language of the advertisement combines all the layers of the Hebrew language, both standard and slang. Rhetorical devices are important because they can help make a message more powerful and memorable because they help make advertising texts more persuasive, concise and easier to understand. Most advertisements tend to use foreign words in advertising texts due to the prevalence of Western culture in Israeli society.