The eloquence of simile In the poetry of Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Ghassani Known as (Al-Waa Al-Damashqi) )Spinning as an example)


  • Abdul Qader Abdullah Fathi


The science of rhetoric - the rhetorical lesson - simile - communication


Simile is considered one of arts of statement science it is effective in rhetoric lesson literary text and spoken text. since the dawn of literature. simile contributed in it. thus it gained special importance among the rhetoric arts in general and in statement in special because it contains some elements of image which speaks to heart and the artistic management for the literary work for these reason I tackled simile in the poetry of Muhammed bin Ahmed Al Ghassani al Dimshki who died in ( 390 A.H ) I concentrate on courtly poetry where simile occupied a broad area.The important of the study:This study aims at showing images in the courtly poems and their types –it also aims at analyzing them rhetorically and discovering ellipsis and clarity which are essential in showing the important of simile. it also tries to enrich the rhetoric library with a study that tackles a subject which gather rhetoric and literate where a literary text is rhetorically analyze Work planThe study contains two sections which deal with the subject. the first section tackles simile as abstract and mental. it contains three demands the first is that the two sides are abstract the second likens the concert with the meatal. the third likens the abstract with the concert and the abstract with the abstract while the second section is devoted to other parts of simile. it contains two demands. the first the rhetoric simile and the implicit simile the second is the representative and the reversed simile. then comes the conclusion which sums up the results and the list of resources.