Measuring the readability of the Arabic reading book for the fifth grade of primary school in light of a number of variables


  • Hossam Abd Al-Kazem Rabih Al-Jaraiwi


measurement, readability, Arabic reading, variables


The Arabic language has been known since the formation of human society. It has allowed its members to communicate with each other. It carried their ideas and was passed down through the generations. It even became a vessel that contained those ideas that linked them between individuals and groups and thus linked peoples. And since the Arabic language has the honor of status and high status, it is not surprising that The ancient scholars of the Arabic language devoted themselves to it, collecting it, establishing its rules, and describing its sounds and system, to the point that modern linguists are still raising issues and addressing them after thousands of years have passed. The world today is witnessing wide and diverse changes in all areas of life, and among the largest of these changes is what we are witnessing today in the field of science. And technology, as these changes have had a clear impact on the various areas of life in general, and the field of education in particular. These rapid changes require human societies and their educational systems to prepare individuals to interact positively with the developments of the era in which they live, given the many challenges facing the educational reality today, in particular. Regarding the tremendous growth in knowledge in all fields of science and knowledge, this requires the use of wide types of educational strategies and methods, which help the learner to control the greatest amount of knowledge and science. This study aimed to measure the readability of the Arabic reading book for the fifth grade of primary school in light of a number of variables. To achieve this, the researcher chose the students of the fifth grade of primary school, and the researcher followed the descriptive analytical method by reviewing the reading skills in previous studies and research to determine the measure of the readability of the reading skills appropriate for the fifth grade students. Primary. The researcher prepared a questionnaire that included the most important reading skills, which are (comprehension, fluency, understanding word meanings, and building sentences), and other sub-skills were branched out from it. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire was verified. In light of the results of the study, a set of recommendations was reached and a number of research and studies were proposed