The Role Of Annah in the Ottoman Military campaigns 1639.1518 AD


  • Emad kareem abbas jawad AL-Rawi


Annah, Role, Sanjak, The military garrison


The Ottoman Empire conducted a comprehensive survey for all the lands in Annah and classified it in 1522 AD on the basis of Sanjak that swings in its administrative subordination between the states of Diyarbakir, Baghdad and Raqqa. It formed one of the Sanjaks which consists of the state of Diyarbakir until the year 1547 AD when Annah returned to the state of Baghdad which was under the Ottoman rule in 1534 AD. Annah remained so until the Ottoman Empire was established the state of Raqqa in 1586 AD, then it became one of the administrative formations of that state. After that, it became a sanjak followed to the state of Baghdad after the restoration from the Persian forces in1638 AD. Annah contributed to most of the Ottoman military campaigns, whether those campaigns are external to conquer the castles and forts in Europe, or those that assisted in providing security and stability in the states of the Ottoman Empire by eliminating the rebellions that were carried out by the tribes. The most notably one was their participation in the Ottoman military campaign which conquered many Hungarian cities between 1545-1547 AD. Moreover, the military garrison in the Sanjak of Ana has been assigned the task of protecting the fortress of Samawah from the attacks of the Arab tribes in the sanjak of Al Ramahyia under the leadership of Arar during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566 AD). In addition to this, Annah participated in campaign to recover Baghdad in 1638 AD, by providing the campaign with ten thousands camels, in addition to the active participation of its garrison in that campaign. Thus Annah played a major role in military campaigns at the internaland external levels' which made it the focus of attention of the sentral government in istanbul' which began to tighten its grip on annah with the iam of preserving it. We found this clearly evident through the renovations it made to its military citadel and the work to increase the number of soldiers who worked to protect that castle.