The impact of the Yemen war on the US-Soviet conflict 1962-1965


  • Khairulla Kh. Silaiman
  • Ahmed S. Khalifa


Soviet Union, United States, Yemen, Saudi, Egypt


The Yemeni revolution that broke out on September 26, 1962 is considered one of the most important revolutions that the Arab region witnessed. The importance of that revolution stems from the fact that it posed a direct threat to American interests in the peninsula and the Arabian Gulf region, as the allies of the Yemeni revolutionaries from Egypt and the Soviet Union became close to American interests in the Kingdom of Arabia. Saudi Arabia. This revolution also witnessed direct Soviet intervention through support with weapons, equipment, and advisors, whether through Egypt or directly, as happened after Abdullah Al-Sallal’s visit to Moscow and receiving direct support, and it increased the Soviet presence in the region. In return, the United States increased its measures. To protect its interests, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the agreement between the two parties, which restored the American presence to Saudi lands, the analytical method was used to study the impact of the Yemen war on the American-Saudi conflict. Some results were also reached, which showed that the war was an integral part of the transition of the Cold War. To the Arab region, the researcher reached some recommendations, including focusing on studying the history of the Arab region during the Cold War, as well as focusing on the fact that the Yemeni conflict, from which the people suffered the woes, was nothing but an episode of the Cold War and an international competition whose price was paid by the Yemeni people and supporting countries such as Egypt. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as that conflict was one of the reasons for the setback that the Arabs suffered before the Zionist entity in the 1967 war, and it affected the nature of Arab-Arab relations due to the sharp divisions it witnessed between the leaderships, especially those that occurred between Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which reached The Egyptian forces bombed Saudi territory. All of this was due to the intervention of the two major powers in the region, namely the United States of America and the Soviet Union.