Mukhtasar Al-Tahtheeb in the interpretation, by Imam Al-Mu,ayyad Billah, Surat Aali 'Imran from verse (33) to verse (34) - Study and Investigation -


  • Saba'a Mohammed Hussein Ali Snhob


Mukhtasar Al- Tahtheeb- Al-Mu'ayyad Billah - Interpretation of Qur'an - investigation


The nature of the research necessitated to be divided into an introduction ,two sections, and indexing . In it, the researcher used the descriptive, historical, inductive method, and scientific method was used in the investigation of manuscript, The introduction included the research problem ,the reasons to choose the manuscript to investigate,the significance and objectives of the manuscript investigation, the previous studies,the methodology , limits and plans of research:(divisions), also included theoretical study with two requirements: The first section: author's translation of Al-Tahdeeb of Tafsir and definition his book, the second contains: author's translation of manuscript (Mokhtasar Al-ttahthib fi Al-Tafsir)and definition of his manuscript, the second section: investigation of the manuscript surat Al-Imran from verse(33) to verse(34), the research has been concluded with aset of results, the most important of which were as the following: 1- The author of the manuscript is Imam Al-Mu'ayyad Billah Muhammad bin Ismail bin Al-Imam Al-Qasim bin Muhammad, peace be upou them (died in the year: 1097AH) , and the book " Al-Tahtheeb fi Tafsir" was shortened by Imam Al-Hakim Al-Jushami; Limited in that to descent , and the meaning, and provisions.2- The sources and references that studied the life of the imam show that he was a great scholar, and an imam of the imams of Yemen, just, merciful to the people, pious and a lot of fear of God Almighty.3- Imam Al-Mu'ayyad Billah did not disclose the source he referred to in his manuscript, but with the study and tracing of the manuscript, the sources from which he was taken became clear. 4- The manuscript content a great deal of scholarly material not only exegesis; Rather, it is a large scientific encyclopedia in which there are many sciences and arts, such as: the science of readings, doctrine, and jurisprudence.Finally,the research ended with index of references with Alphabetical order,printed in Arabic and English language