Linguistic correction for the Sheikh Salah Aldin Al safadi according to his book “Al-Gaith Al-musjam”


  • Isam Mahmood Kuraykish


Al-Safadi, Al-Gaith Al-musjam, Linguistic correction, Linguistic reform, Linguistic distortion


This research aims to highlight the efforts of Sheikh Saladin Al-Safadi (d. 764 AH) and his contribution to the field of linguistic reform in light of his book: Al-Ghaith Al-Musjim fi Sharh Lamiya Al-Ajam. Al-Safadi was a lover of knowledge, fond of literature, and interested in it. He studied interpretation and hadith, read the principles of jurisprudence, and learned grammar. And language, and devoted himself to the books of history, literature, and collections of poets, memorizing, copying, and arranging them. He chose from their anecdotes and strays, in addition to his mastery of other sciences such as medicine, arithmetic, and geography, which indicates the broad and diverse culture that he enjoyed. For him, linguistic reform was represented in several aspects, such as controlling words and formulas. And a statement of corruption and distortion, linguistic criticism, and a warning about the common and the eloquent, the Arabized and the intrusive. Al-Safadi used various words to express linguistic reform. The nature of the research required that it be divided into an introduction in which we explained the concept of linguistic reform, an overview of the life of Sheikh Al-Safadi, and an overview of the book “ The rainy rain,” and a first section on the manifestations of his linguistic reform, and a second section that included the words he used to express the linguistic reform, and we appended the research with a conclusion that included the most prominent results during the research