The Incident of Al- Imam Al- Hassan’s poisoning, peace be upon him, an analytical study


  • Iman Obaid Wannas
  • Zaman Obaid Wannas


poisoning Al-ImamAl-Hassan, PBUH, Bani Umayyad, The Shed incident, The complete human being, fatalism


The aim of takling the incident of Imam Hassan’s poisoning ( peace be upon him and his household) is attracting the attention to what is behind this plot which is Al-Imam Al-Hassan's symbolism that represents the depth of Islam in its principles , and intellect in the depth of human existence. Islam began since human existence , so it wasn't a result of blessed Muhammadia message.Yet , the prophet came to fill up promoting the true religion which the preceding prophets' religion.That is why ,the prophet (PBUH) says " I was sent to perfect the good ethics". Hence, Al-Hassan (PBUH) is a divine symbolism for the moral dimension and human values represented by the Islamic religion. Viz, killing Al-Imam Al-Hassan(PBUH) means vanishing those principles and creating an Islamic political intellect fits Bani Umayya ambition and the Islamic phase that is chosen by this rulling class and its supporters to found Islam according to their desires.For this purpose , it is necessary to eliminate the idea of a single human being for every role in the existence -the role of perfect human-this symbolism is necessary to persist the desire of heaven Accordingly, Muawiyah began to make plans to get rid of Imam Hassan and his brother Hussein, peace be upon them, because the matter would not last for him or his son with the presence of the two Imams, peace be upon them, alive, because they represent the essence of the religion and the greatness of Doha Muhammad, which no Muslim can turn away from. The truth is with them wherever they are, so the matter is. It was inevitable for Muawiyah that it was necessary to get rid of Al-Hassan, peace be upon him, first by weaving the fabric of his death, so he initiated attempts to assassinate him. He poisoned Al-Hassan, peace be upon him, three times, and it was mentioned in the last one that he sought the help of the Roman king to kill him, and in which he testified