The image of the city (Baghdad) in the novel Red Pub by Hamid Al-Rubaie


  • Israa Jalal Hama Murad
  • Hussein Kadmi


Picture, City (Baghdad), "Aḥmar ḥāna "(Red pub), Hamid Al-Rubaie


The novel is considered one of the literary arts that is narrated in long prose, intertwining events, because it is of great importance to readers, and is famous for introducing the reader to different native cultures and civilizations, and sheds light on different social and historical issues, so I chose to study one of the novels of Iraqi writers who enriched libraries. Arabic and Iraqi in particular with their literary works, and one of those products is the novel Red Pub by the Iraqi novelist Al-Rubaie, and after that, he narrates the story by depicting the picture of the city (Baghdad) between the past and the present by describing history as a human act that is subject to change and not an ending record of the past only, as the novelist exposes in this The novel is about different cultural and political figures that are in Iraq and nine in the city (Baghdad), such as violence, extremism, fanaticism and sectarianism, by looking at their personalities and locations, and linking events and characters to the place, and the human relationship with the environment with its presence there, his life and his actions. Therefore, highlighting the contradictions the tensions between the place, the characters, the job, and the locations give the novel a genetic dimension in determining the atmosphere of events and characters, reflects the feeling of familiarity and belonging, and is a stage for these characters’ misfortunes. The most important outcome of this study is the importance of the literary novel in contemporary times and represents the narrative form of the novel, through a review of the most prominent narrative connections. By Hamid Al-Rubaie, which is characterized by a multiplicity of styles, techniques and modern stories. The writer also showed his love and loyalty to the city of Baghdad through its detail that is beloved to the reader. This adds a unique atmosphere and permanence to the flow of events in the novel, and clarification to basic elements of the location of the narrative and the way they are interconnected, especially Fernand Al-Sardi, which came as an element. Main in the ancient novel Al-Hamra, where it was used effectively in describing the city (Baghdad), remembering the feelings and events that occur in it, and highlighting the social and political circumstances in daily life. The description of the place constitutes an important point in this translation of feelings, and it begins and defines the nature of the characters and narrative relationships. Inside the novel