The effect of the art spiral strategy on the science achievement among sixth-grade primary school students


  • Bahaa Sinan Abbas Mashgal ALharbi


Art spiral strategy, Achievement, sixth-grade primary school students


The research aims to identify (the effect of the art spiral strategy on science achievement among sixth-grade primary school students). To achieve the research objective, the researcher formulated the null hypothesis, and used an experimental design with partial control, an experimental group and a control group for the post-test of academic achievement, and the researcher chose Al-Waeli Primary School for Boys affiliated with For the Babylon Education Directorate, which is located in the Nader neighborhood in the center of Babylon Governorate, intentionally, and through a random drawing method, Division (C) was chosen as the experimental group that will teach the science subject according to a snail strategy, with (32) students, while Division (A) represented the control group that will be taught. Science subject according to the normal method, with (36) students, and the results showed that the experimental group that studied according to the art snail strategy was superior to the control group that studied using the normal method. The art snail strategy contributed to raising the academic achievement level of sixth-grade primary school students in science. The art snail strategy is easy to apply for the teacher and enjoyable for the students, and male and female science teachers can apply it according to the capabilities available in primary schools in teaching science