Ignorance and error affecting the law


  • Ahmed Mohamed Ksheish
  • Ismail Kababy Bani


ignorance, error, influence, law


Ignorance and error in the law are considered among the most severe social diseases that afflict society and contradict all values, religions, and normal human behavior because they waste rights, strengthen falsehood, and spread all the corruptions that ravage the body of society. That is why the heavenly religions, including Islam, and man-made laws have imposed punishments on the perpetrator of this act. Therefore, laws must be put in place to regulate Behaviors of daily life. Hence, we chose the title of the research (Ignorance and Error Affecting the Law). We have tried to explain everything related to ignorance, error, and criminal responsibility as a legal obligation that bears punishment. Ignorance and error affecting the law and the provisions and points of participation and difference between the law, Sharia, the Iraqi Penal Code, and other laws. Where we clarified the meaning of ignorance and error and what is meant by it in the law, we pointed out that ignorance is a curse that destroys the bonds of society and has social and economic effects that are destructive to the structure of society. Ignorance harms the general interest of society and thus hinders any process of development and progress in society. The same applies to the Iraqi Penal Code, which He enacted all the penalties in his codification stages, and he detailed them in his legal articles. Therefore, ignorance and error in the law are considered a violation of the principles of social justice. In both sections, ignorance is a major problem facing society and leads to many social, economic, cultural, religious, and political problems as well, and perhaps One of the most important negatives of ignorance is the public’s ignorance of laws, regulations and instructions, and it constitutes a threat to the state and the law as it is one of the most dangerous scourges that afflict and hinder the process of societal construction and development in all its aspects