Reasons for the difference in hadith and its conditions And learning about ways to treat differences until the end of the fifth century AH


  • Qassem Bustani
  • Mina Shamkhi
  • Nidal Hanash Al-Saadi
  • Sattar Jabbar Yassi Al-Mousawi


difference, infallible, phenomenon, chain of transmission, methods


One of the phenomena of the science of hadith that speaks of the hadith emanating from the infallible is the discrepancy between hadiths related to the content of one topic, and this matter has caused the scholars to have a problem of relying on the hadith and considering it an argument in that subject, and there has been a great need to study and address this phenomenon. From earlier times, for both groups, there appeared a science of different hadiths that deals with the study and analysis of this phenomenon, i.e. the difference in hadiths about a topic, their types, causes, methods of reporting them, presentation and topics, as well as the presence of intrigue, forgery and falsity in them, and the narration of some of them in meaning not verbally. Or the narration of the two hadiths and the three with one hadith and so on, in addition to the hadith included in the hadiths and the confusion between the words of the Prophet with the words of others, and the similarity of lines, editing, cutting, etc., and this requires expanding the search for it in a scientific research that presents and criticizes the factors and causes on the one hand, and methods of treatment on the one hand. Others among the two teams until the fifth century AH, and this is what our thesis undertook under the title “Different hadiths among the two teams until the end of the fifth century AH” as an applied critical study. The factors for choosing the subject of the research is the need to identify and identify the causes of intrigue, forgery and lying to the Messenger of God (pbuh). As well as identifying the differences between the scholars of the two teams, or the one team in considering some hadiths and not considering others. Among the questions of this research is: What are the reasons for the difference in the hadiths of the two groups? And what are the ways of dealing with the different hadiths of the two teams, and what are its differences and commonalities for them?One of the important hypotheses of the research is that there are reasons for the difference in the hadith and many reasons, some of which were mentioned and diagnosed by the two teams, and others were not revealed, but were revealed by some of them without the others, and some of them are due to delusion, error, or suspicion of conveying the meaning of the hadith. The methodology of the research was that it relied in the study and investigation of this title on the descriptive inductive approach on the one hand, and the critical approach on the other hand, for issues, topics and applications, by tracing their perspectives in books, studies, letters, dissertations and research. It is worth mentioning that some of these reasons and conditions have been mentioned in books The science of hadith difference until the end of the fifth century AH, that is, among the earlier ones, and some of them were not mentioned explicitly by them, so we used the later sources to mention them to complete the research