The Grants of Ibn Asfour Al-Ishbili for the Grammar Scholars in the Book (Summarization of the Phrase in the Elucidation of a Sign) by Taj al-Din al-Fakhani


  • Alaa Ahmed Zgheir Khulaif Ministry of Education- Directorate of Education in Babylon- Section of Kutha


Grants, Ibn Asfour, Taj al-Din al-Fakhani, Sign


Ishara is an important grammatical text of a scholar, jurist, and great author, a brilliant grammarian, and a distinguished narrator. Rather, he explained it in an explanation in which he clarified its words, clarified its purposes, loosened its restrictions, and solved its problem, then presented it softly to all Arabic readers and students of knowledge, so it was a cold ablution and a right drink.

            It is sufficient for al-Fakhani’s crown to be famous among the people of Arabia for al-Fakhani, and for his book marked (al-Ishara) to be a grammatical text, and an important introduction to the science of grammar, on which scholars devoted themselves and sincere students of knowledge benefited from it. And his easy-to-follow teaching style.In the book Summary of the phrase fi Sharh al-Ishara, a number of grammatical issues that need presentation, study and scrutiny. in their opinions Scientifically objective, or their opinions were merely criticisms and tendencies to the opinions of others.

Praise be to God, the Possessor of glory, majesty, favours, and grants. I praise Him much that reaches His satisfaction, fulfills His blessings, and  brings more of them. I pray and greet the best of God’s creation, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and all his family and companions.

       This research discusses Ibn Asfour's approvals and responses to the grammarians in the book Summarizing the phrase in explaining the indication of Taj al-Din al-Fakhani, so his approvals were present in most of the grammatical issues, while his objection came to some of the others. Convincing, enriching the grammatical arena with strength in transmission, and his evidence, as conveyed in this book, is about revealing confusion in grammatical issues, and what was based on his opinion by other scholars, and the purpose of that is to reveal aspects that are close to health.