Thresholds and the aesthetic of the imagined discourse in the novels of Naeem Abd Muhalhal


  • Naeem Amouri Assistant Professor at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz,Ahvaz, Iran
  • Gholamreza karimifard Assistant Professor at Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz,Ahvaz, Iran
  • Masar hameed abd alnaseri PHD student- Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran


text thresholds, parallel text, Naim Abd Muhalhal, cover, title, author's name, picture, color, dedication, intro.


Modern and contemporary critical studies break into the worlds of the fictional text to          approach its imagination and touch its magic through its textual thresholds. They are the keys to the secrets of this work, revealing what it contains as an intense text that reduces what is within the text. The texts connect one to the other to get acquainted with its various details. Therefore, the thresholds are among the most important of these relationships that announce and reveal its secret because it is the natural entrance to the text as it works to direct the reader and guide him in his communication with him, and enables him to touch its semantic dimensions, openness to its composition, and identify the elements of its architecture, as well as the methods Its organization and imaginary realization, and thus it is possible to reveal through it the strategy of writing, as it contains the text and stands on its borders - inside and outside it at the same time - as it relates to it and overlaps with it until it reaches a degree of defining its independence and separates from it to allow the textual interior to work on producing its own semantics. Writing his text may be simulating previous textual constructions or creative within the scope of the qualitative possibility with new organizational methods for the data of the text that he writes, and the text he created is formed from it according to the necessities of shaping the meaning or the writer’s vision of his creative work, and the thresholds have functions and patterns that make studying them a way to know and understand texts; Because of its goals, reading interpretations, and aesthetic connotations; Therefore, the writers paid attention to these thresholds accompanying the text in their writings, including the novelist Naeem Abd Muhalhal. This research study came to reveal the importance of textual thresholds or parallel text in his novels, and the methods of their operation. These thresholds represented in the cover, title, and the name of the writer will be presented gender, image, and color, as well as dedications, intertitles, introduction and introduction, and note; Because these thresholds give a plastic, aesthetic, and semantic character to the fictional text..