The philosophy of the American drug war in Latin American countries during the era of President Ronald Reagan 1981-1989


  • Fadel Rahm Al-Aidi


drugs, blacks, prisons, politics, capitalism


The United States of America criminalized drugs since 1914. Then the event developed into President Nixon declaring a war on drugs after he considered them a threat to American society and working to promote crime. However, the Reagan administration took a completely different path from his predecessors, after he described them as a threat to American national security. It was adopted by the communist countries. Nixon's first steps were to link organized crimes to drugs and target black Americans as they represented a danger to American society. A large number of blacks were imprisoned and a clear racial target was imposed. As a result, prisons were privatized and capitalist companies were assigned to build additional prisons due to the large numbers of prisoners. Black women were subjected to imprisonment more than white women, and because of this, there were many social corruptions and children were left on the streets after being subjected to racial persecution. The Reagan administration transferred the drug war to Latin American countries, targeting countries with communist tendencies, and it was an appropriate opportunity to strike Marxist influence in the region. And remove the communist threat and prepare the appropriate ground for American capitalist investments. Therefore, one of the most important results of the hidden drug war was the spread of American capitalism in Latin America and the overthrow of regimes opposed to capitalist tendencies. It was able to liberalize the Mexican economy and privatize important sectors in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, and implemented the new American liberalism. The political level: The American administration employed drug dealers on the political side to spy on communist countries and carry out secret operations, and provided logistical and military assistance to opponents of communist regimes as long as the common goal was to fight global communism.