Characteristics and connotations of generosity in Al-Farazdaq’s poems


  • Atheer Obaid Abbas Al-Janabi University of Religions and Sects / College of Languages And International Cultures/Arabic Language Department
  • Muhammad Saadi University of Religions and Sects/Faculty of Languages And International Cultures/Arabic Language Department
  • Nour Al-Din Parwin Assistant Professor of Arabic Language and Literature At Al-Mahalati University of Islamic Sciences (responsible writer)


Generosity, Effects, Significations, Farzadaq, The poem


Generosity, with its various meanings and multiple interpretations, is a desirable moral trait among the Arab people, which they always boast about in their speech and action., and it is considered the most important axis of honors and good moral virtues of a person or a nation or those praised. This good moral quality has been manifested in the poems of most of the poets of many literary periods. It should be said that this morally desirable feature has a diverse range of meanings in terms of words and meaning as well as ironic interpretation. which sometimes appears in explaining the reasons and motivations of round-the-clock hospitality, or when the cold winter wind blows, and the lighting of the reception fire and the barking of dogs to summon guests, as well as feeding the needy. It also refers to doing good deeds such as zeal, bravery, respect for neighbor's rights, and defending one's honor. The mentioned components have been manifested in their various semantic fields in the poems of poet: Farzadaq to explain the praise and admiration of their people or to express individual characteristics. Sometimes poet use this moral component in satirizing each other. In this research, according to the main research question, how are the manifestations of generosity manifested in the songs of Farzadaq? We are looking for it to find the most important signs of generosity in the poems of poet who are famous for writing contrasts. And on the one hand, they were proud of being generous and generous to themselves and their relatives.