Violence and terrorism "Concepts"


  • Ahmed Jassim Ibrahim Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies/University of Babylon


civil war, revenge, tyranny, terrorism, revenge


Studies dealing with violence and terrorism are of great importance in today’s world, because of their impact on the lives of individuals, peoples, and countries. It is clear that these practices threaten the lives of people and societies, and confuse international relations and the future of development, peace, and stability. Defining concepts in social studies in general is extremely difficult because they overlap. The circumstances, conditions and times through which these concepts were expressed. Therefore, these concepts presented a challenge to the researcher in all the times and political ideas that they dealt with.

     Violence and terrorism are two terms intertwined with each other, to the extent that the common space between them overlaps to the extent of the privacy of each of them. Violence contains terrorism, and terrorism is a form of violence. They are two concepts as old as humanity, and no era or place has been devoid of them. But to make them a basis for life. Or the extinction of a nation or a group of people is surprising and astonishing, because humanity was created to coexist and interact, and sometimes conflict. However, the existence of any nation or group becomes dependent on the demise and end of the other, it is a perception that indicates an aggressive and savage state.

     Violence has multiple facets, including terrorism, tyranny, war, assassination, rape, revenge, and revenge... Thus, the problems of violence, such as the number, seem infinite. It is renewed, life is renewed, and it attracts attention with its repetition. It is a (legitimate) means for those who practice it, under the pretext of assuming safety. Its goals are based on religious and non-religious ideas and beliefs, although religions have a deeper impact than being limited to a specific human meaning. It is a spiritual bond that brings people together, connects peoples and individuals, satisfies their need for cooperation, forms their hearts, and regulates their behavior.

    Violence can represent the most prominent manifestation of power, because all political forces can compete and struggle for power, and violence is the ultimate level of conflict, or it is a means of controlling people. The struggle for power, influence, and wealth has given justification for violence, and terrorism is a single entity that is mixed in a broader context. Its meanings include the concept of violence on the one hand, and the right to self-determination on the other hand, and despite the inability of political and legal jurisprudence to define the functional significance of the concept so Authority or opposition, coupled with a lack of trust in others, creates some destructive tendencies in them to preserve their freedoms, beliefs, laws, and sometimes their lives. that a definitive distinction can be made between that which is implied under any of these three terms. Terrorism assumes the use of means that, in and of themselves, are illegal means, because the fear of individuals or groups that they will be exposed to situations of violence and terrorism by...