The poetic image in Poor Poetry and its impact on the artwork


  • Ashwaq bint Khareef Al-Khareef Professor of Arabic literature, College of Arts and Sciences, Qassim University
  • Zeinab Fouad Abdel Karim Faculty of Arabic Language and Social Studies Department of Arabic Language and Literature - Saudi Arabia


artwork, poetry, image, dramatic, poetic


     The subject of this research is the study of the poetic image, an artistic study of the poetry of the Umayyad poet Maskin al-Darimi. His poetry was studied through the artistic approach of the most important poetic contents and tributaries from which the poet drew and shaped his poetic experience in addition to the most prominent technical aspects of his poetry. This study was based on the printed collection of the poet. Which included everything kno wn from his hair. The poet, through the image, expresses the contents of himself, his feelings, and his conscience, and through it his vision of reality becomes clear, so it will be more effective in influencing the recipient, especially if he takes care of the templates in which he pours his experience, so he chooses the structures and connotations with which he formulates the image that expresses his idea. An imitation of it, the poet does not convey it as it is, but rather submits it to his formation, so a picture of his idea comes and not a picture of itself..This research aims to shed light on his poetic experience to devise his potential Aesthetic and his creative energies and studying them artistically, which will provide an independent source for the study of his poetry, so the study came with a preamble that includes talking about the artistic approach followed in this study. Specially. The poetic image is represented in "the artistic form taken by words and phrases after the poet organizes them in a special graphic context to express an aspect of the full poetic experience in the poem, using the energies of the language and its capabilities in significance, composition, rhythm, truth, metaphor, synonymy, antagonism, contrast, homogeneity and other means of artistic expression." .