The stylistics of Michael Naima in (Najwa Al-Ghoroub


  • Meethaq Kazem Abdul Abbas Abdullah University of Babylon
  • Muhammad Khaghani Isfahani Isfahan University


Stylistics, Najwa al-Ghoroub, his biography, methodological framework.


The subject of the research is a stylistic study of the group "Najwa Al-Ghoroub" by Michael Naima. Our poet is one of the most famous writers and poets of the Diaspora in the twentieth century. He is the Lebanese poet and writer Michael Naima. He was born in Mount Sannine in Lebanon in 1889 AD.  In Ukraine for about five years, after that he emigrated to the United States of America to continue his studies, so he settled there for more than twenty years and was able to obtain American citizenship, and he was one of the members of the Pen Association that Gibran Khalil Gibran founded in New York in 1920 AD, and the poet Michael Naima was Gibran’s deputy in it. You have chosen this group because it was the fruit of his literary production at the end of his life when he returned from the Diaspora to his original home in Lebanon, and the poet was unique in it in devoting his philosophical thoughts on various topics, including those related to nature, including those related to the creation of man and many others.

   The aim of the research topic is to do justice to the poet, especially this collection of poems written by the poet while he was at his artistic peak and his experience inside and outside his country when he was in al-Mahj, where he lived in estrangement and deprivation, and for the lack of researchers for this wonderful collection of poetry, so we wanted to shed light on it due to the abundance of poetic sense and its place among the poet's works.  Michael Naima.

       In addition, he dealt with special sub-issues related to the days he lived in the Diaspora and exile, how he dealt with society, and what he conveyed to them from the Arab civilization, especially when his books were printed and translated into foreign languages ​​and published in newspapers and magazines, as well as what was conveyed to us from Western civilization and how it was affected during the days that He lived there.

      The research dealt with the studies of literary texts in the "Najwa Al-Ghoroub" group, a stylistic ynthetic level, and the semantic level).  Until he became one of the modernizers in Arabic literature and creators who left the classical mold and went to renewal and modernity influenced by Western civilization, where cultures were fertilized at their hands through the establishment of institutions and ties such as the pen association.