Writer.. Emaduddin Khalil


  • Dewali Haji Jassim University of Duhok, Iraq


Emad Eddin Khalil, literature, narration, theater, excursions


Amazement possesses you as you move between the pages of (Dr. Emad El-Din Khalil)'s writings in his striking style, beautiful eloquence, and flowing phrases, which involve wisdom, depth of experience, years of experience, and the illumination of the word. And you find effortlessly the extent of the realism of his intellectual and literary propositions, as his writings crossed with his innovative tools in the historical method and in Islamic literature, in Islamic and literary formulations full of theorizing, analysis, gracefulness of language, and the originality of the flowing thought.

     My attention was drawn to the diversity and richness of this man's w ritings, so I devoted myself to examining his literary works, and delving into them in order to highlight and clarify his approach, interventions, analyzes, and calls for renewal in Islamic thought and literature. What is remarkable about all of his writings is that he writes according to the duality of the historian and the writer. All of Imad al-Din Khalil’s theses were embellished with literary style and scientific richness, whether in his historical treatments, literary writings, or critical and theoretical interventions. In all of his theses, he was an Islamic preacher who employed his academic experiences in framing his opinions systematically, based on the Holy Qur’an and the Noble Sunnah to present An advanced model of enlightened thought