Strategies for coping with professional pressures among primary school teachers


  • Alaa Sharif Kazem Ali Al Kazem


strategies – occupational pressures – stages – confrontation


      This study aims to identify the strategies followed by primary school teachers to confront the psychological and professional pressures to which they are exposed. The study was conducted on (60) male and female teachers who were randomly selected from the Nineveh Education Directorate. To achieve the goal of the research, the researcher adopted the (Al-tmime) scale to identify strategies for confronting professional pressures used by primary school teachers, which consists of five strategies. The researcher verified the scientific properties of the scale, such as validity and reliability. After applying the research tool, the study found that the most common strategy used by primary school teachers was the (problem solving method) strategy. According to the research results, the researcher came up with a set of recommendations

1-One way to evaluate the behavior of primary school teachers is to adopt a professional scale for coping with professional pressures prepared by the researcher.

2- Conduct research, including designing mentoring programs to promote positive strategies to address occupational stress for primary school teachers. The field of work in education is also one of the areas where workers suffer from stress, which leaves psychological and social consequences for individuals. Workers in this field face many situations and conditions during which they are exposed to a state of distress, anxiety, frustration and anger, which affects their health and psychological state and negatively affects their performance in the workplace.

There have been many studies that have dealt with dealing with psychological and professional stress across many segments of the educational community, such as supervisors, teachers, and school principals, so the current study seeks to complement the efforts of researchers in the field of dealing with stress and to identify the most important strategies that primary school teachers rely on to deal with stress. The pressures they are exposed to