Research trends in curricula and methods of teaching the Arabic language, an evaluation study


  • Sama Abdul Rasool Mughir Hussein Al-Shukri Babylon Education Directorate, a school in Al-Mayamin Middle School for Girls


Research Directions, Methods, Method, Evaluation, Arabic Language


The aim of this research is to identify the most important research trends in curricula and methods of teaching the Arabic language, an evaluative study. In writing her research, the researcher relied on the descriptive approach. The researcher divided her research into two sections: The first section included the research problem and its importance, and then through it she was exposed to the most prominent of these research trends. Which included “methods of teaching the Arabic language through the Qur’anic approach, and it was also subjected to an analytical study of the theses of the Arabic language curricula and methods of teaching it. The researcher referred to studying the general trends of Arabic teaching research.”                                        

     The researcher found that these studies relied on the integrative trend, which is based on a kind of unity and interconnectedness between groups. The second topic: Identifying research trends in teaching Arabic language skills. There have been many research trends in teaching the Arabic language, starting from a serious attempt to develop a comprehensive guide. For teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers.                                                        

     The research concluded that it is necessary to benefit from these trends and employ them in the field of the Arabic language and its teaching methods in an effort to address the weakness in some of the teaching methods used.