Turnkey contract in construction contracts in comparative law


  • Raafat Hamid Rais Ashgah in Criminal Law: Qom University, Iran
  • Muhammad Ali Haji Dabadi Associate Professor, College of Law. Lecturer at Qom University


contract, turnkey, construction contracts, comparative law


The contractor must respect the contract and implement all obligations arising from it. If the contractor attempts to breach his obligations, whether it is a matter of not implementing the obligation in whole or in part, or it is a matter of implementing it inappropriately (violating the terms or specifications of the contract), this is considered a breach of the contract, and this constitutes major damage. On the employer, so the legislator took the initiative to grant the employer a number of means that enable him to confront the contractor who violates his obligations and hand over the key to no person being bound to a contract unless his will is directed towards concluding it in accordance with the general conditions. So that the place where the contractual wills meet and the reason motivating the contract are legitimate, but the purpose of this study is not to investigate the traditional pillars and conditions for the meeting of the wills necessary to form the contract. Therefore, we will not address the conditions for the validity of the will in accordance with the general rules in terms of its issuance by someone who has the capacity to contract and the will is free of defects.