The legendary motif in the poetry of Raheem Al-Gharbawi


  • Razzaq Kazem Jalil Al-Zamli University of Religions and Denominations/Qom
  • Ati Abiyat Department of Arabic Language and Literature Directorate of Education, University, Tehran, Iran


motif, Rahim Al-Gharabawi, myth, the moral subtext, Image


      The motif represents the intellectual and emotional image of the poet, and it expresses his emotional insides that carry a higher value in poetic texts by describing the motif as a technique added to the poetic techniques of the text such as metaphor, metaphor, analogy, symbols of all kinds, irony and written emptiness. Text,

       Perhaps the study took it upon itself to illuminate the concept of motif, so it showed the difference between it and the repetition that was circulated in the books of grammar and rhetoric, although one of the derivations of the motif is the repetition of the word, but what it carries through directing the context is other semantic loads, as it is not that the repetition is a verbal state in The motif is primarily moral, and since the study has dealt with the motif in the poetry of Rahim Al-Gharabawi, who has knowledge in the literature of poetry, he made the motif carry with it two techniques, namely the employment of the myth, and then its repetition; To form two techniques at the same time, the motif and the myth, and the type of myths that he dealt with in two types of the first motif was the motif of the word directed by the context, which resulted in multiple connotations that enriched the text with meanings, in addition to that it summarized the phrases within his poetic texts as well as hoarding the surplus of meaning and from that carried The meanings of heroism, love, waiting, striving to attain immortality, daring, rebirth, and frustration.

       And the other is the motif of the image through which the poet achieved multiple meanings, including rebirth, giving, and happiness, as well as the meanings of loss and death. From that, we find that the legendary motif in Al-Gharabawi's poetry has formed, thanks to his creative abilities, a clear phenomenon, and it carries various semantic dimensions.

       Thus, we find that Al-Gharabawi's poetry rose to the level of contemporary poetry with modernist techniques that outlined for us the path of adulthood, reaching, and ending in order to achieve his purpose, which made it reach poetry to the recipients.