Manifestations of the Iraqi Feminist Novel after (2003 AD)


  • Akhlas Abdul Wahid Al-Jubouri Muthanna Education Directorate


Iraqi feminist novel, after 2003 AD, development , writing independence


Feminist writing shared with men on various topics, and she did not stand idly by the change that took place in the year (2003 AD), but rather the woman wanted to advance the feminist pen and enter all fields that were the preserve of men, so she wrote on topics that touch people's lives in general, and kept pace with all the events And the changes that took place in Iraq with all their details and events, especially after the author was freed from the chains of tyrannical authority, Which he has always been subjected to while he is subjected to questioning and threats to his life that reach the point of denial and deportation at several times, which made most of the writers follow two paths: some of them withdrawn into themselves and withheld their pen from creativity, and some of them sold that pen, employing their thought to keep pace with the dictatorial power and serve it, which made their production The literary drifts to the descending ideological level.
The Iraqi feminist novel has undergone several shifts in its journey, ranging from the stage of silence during the twenties, thirties, and forties to attempts and perhaps the shy and modest presence during the fifties and sixties, and then the distinguished presence to a degree that cannot be overlooked in the years that followed, and this is what can be observed more clearly in this time .
After the year (2003), which is called (the year of change or the year of fall), and the opening of the public space to its death in Iraqi society, a situation resembling chaos prevailed in all areas of life, and despite its negative aspects, it mixed between (darkness and bright light). In vision and discrimination, by virtue of the many changes that afflicted the country, once on the one hand of the occupation, the philosophy of death and the struggle for life that prevailed in society, and on the other hand, the rupture of class unity and identity conflicts, as well as the various issues related to women.
From a literary point of view, this period was accompanied by the brightness of the star of the Iraqi novel, especially the feminist one, which began to flourish in quantity and quality unobtrusively until it became more daring and present in the Arab novel scene in general and the Iraqi novel in particular, as the Iraqi novelist excelled in mastering the elements of the modern novel such as The varied beginning tending to present the final event, the marginalization of the traditional narrative sequence, the open endings, the ambiguity of characters, the use of text lines, making the margin a center and the center a margin, and the diversity of the event, And the tendency towards modern methods and techniques that inspire in the reader the spirit of professionalism and renewal, which opened the genre of fiction to more bold types related to society and women in particular, for this reason the research was titled (The Iraqi Feminist Novel after (2003 AD), and from here the importance appeared in standing on the most important axes which emerged feminist novel writing.
The Iraqi novelist excelled in employing models and characters for her narration with a high technique, so that she made her events in a technique that brings her closer to the living reality, so that she revealed to the reader the different repercussions, purposes and tendencies of the mixed human souls that entered our country, Iraq, as well as shed light on the great injustice and killing that befell the Iraqi individual, especially Iraqi women In various sects, as the weakest link in a violent society, not to mention the pioneering role of women in their families, as they have borne the core of suffering, as they are the mother, wife, sister, and beloved. Thus, feminist narratives came to show a realistic picture that seeks to reveal the culture of the occupied society, the culture of the occupation itself, its customs, and how deal with it.