Sourcec of Ownership among the Umayyads


  • Afham Ghleb Abdel Latif College of Education for Girls/ Basra University


Umayyads , Economy , Owning , Feudal , Money


The Umayy era witnessed economic prosperity after the extensive Wars of liberation . The Umayyad dynasty was able to control most of the trade routes in the ancient world and its commercial movement as well . This modest research deals with the economic sources of the Umayyads , money and fiefs from before Islam until they assumed the caliphate , as trade was the main source of possession of money and fiefs for the Umayyads in particular and for the Quraysh in general . Their financia policy became clearer when the Umayyads contacted the Levant , as they knew that the path to leadership and control in Mecca must be by creating an effective commercial activity with the levant, and by the sixth century AD, the Umayyads were one of the most influential and influential branchecs of Quraysh , to the point that some historians counted them as the leaders of Mecca and the people of the solution and contract before the emergence of Islam .This research monitored other economic sources for the Umayyads . Such as the privileges obtained by the Umayyads during the reign of Caliph Uthman ibn Affan , and from other sources, the system of excise taxes and taxes and its relationship to the funds of the Umayyads, Newroz taxes , festivals, and attempts . we also tried to show the relation ship of Muslim Arabsto Nowruz holidays and festivals and what their relationship is to the economic situation of the Umayyad Arabs . Sources are also illegal taxes such as industrial and trade taxes and the tithe tax . Among other sources are also the confiscation taken by the caliphs and princes as a pretext to recover the money seized by some state employees. Even though the confiscation could not have been a major financial source for the Umayyad state , it would have been small in comparison to the imports of the Umayyad state .