The effect of mental context on understanding the Qur’anic text (an interpretive study)


  • Ihsan Judah Al-Birman General Directorate of Education, Babylon


inner, presumption, reason, effect, proof


Our research study aims to identify and explain the importance of rational evidence in proof and its role that contributed to revealing the meaning in the light of contemplation and contemplation, as the Qur’an’s call came explicitly to use this, and its call to establish argument and proof was not limited to one path or method, but rather we find it taking different methods in Revelation and inference, including the power of reason, as the Holy Qur’an abounds and indicates to us that we must return to the Qur’an itself to obtain the evidence that proves that reason is an argument. . Since none of the nation’s predecessors and imams denied the correct intelligibles at all, nor did they reject them. Rather, they used the clear intelligibles as evidenced and indicated by the Qur’an. In general, the divine demands were indicated by the Qur’an with rational evidence and certain proofs.

       Hence, the mind occupies a wide place in the Holy Qur’an, and God Almighty, in His decisive and mighty Book, never ceases to discuss and evaluate proofs, evidence, and arguments, using the past and referring to the present as well as presenting his reading of the future. As a result of its great importance, our research came under this title: (The effect of rational evidence on understanding the Qur’anic text (an interpretive study). Evidence is one of the famous terms in many sciences, in addition to linguistics and rationality. It is considered an important control for understanding the Qur’anic text, as studying it contributes to contemplating the verses of the Holy Qur’an and revealing Its lofty meanings behind the text, in addition to laying down the scientific foundations on which it is based, which means our research from those (mental) clues, as it is the subject of our study.