Employing amulets in contemporary ceramic formation


  • Hawraa Kazem Abdul Hussein Babylon Education Directorate/Iraq


Employment, amulets, shaping, ceramics


This research was concerned with studying the issue of employing amulets in contemporary ceramic formation as an intellectual product descending from the ancient arts, which carries within it heritage features, environmental features, and symbols of belief, in a contemporary constructive style implemented by the researcher, considering that employment is an intentional intellectual process, so to speak                    Hence this research came to study the use of amulets in contemporary cerami formation, which included four chapters                                         The first chapter dealt with a presentation of the probleThe research - its importance - the need for it - the goal of the research and the temporal and spatial limits. As for the second chapter, the theoretical framework included three axes. The first axis included the concept of employment, the second axis the concept of Mesopotamian and Islamic amulets, and the third axis dealt with the concept of employing popular heritage in contemporary ceramic formation. While the third chapter came with the research procedures, the research community included five samples that the researcher completed within the limits of the research. Four ceramic models were analyzed, and the researcher adopted the experimental and applied research approach in completing ceramic works. The fourth chapter came with a set of results, the most prominent of which are  :

1-The inspiration of the researchers for the technical forms of complements an explanation of the essence of the brokerage dimension and s as it came in the sample samples.

2-The maturation of technical and technical awareness in the contemyour researchers to use forms of absolute aesthetics according to the  our conclusions, and my results:

1-The aesthetic value of amulets is the basis of artistic symbolic scenes in the creation of ceramic works in search of abstraction and flattening beyond the limits of reality.

2-The contemporary Al-Kazafian works, which are associated with the technical forms of the Rafadinian and Islamic amulets, have created var

As well as researching numerically, I have proposals and recommendations with their inspiration and Arabic and foreign source