The artistic structure in the novel (Inhabitants of the Four Houses) By the writer Ghanem Aziz Al-Akidi


  • Fanar Khalil Majeed Al-Hamid Specialization: Arabic Language - Modern Arabic Literature Place of work: General Directorate of Nineveh Education


Al-Aqidi, dialogue, description, Mosul, novel


It is known that any social systematic study of literature requires familiarity and understanding of the nature of this literature and its laws, while being aware of the social reality that frames it. Perhaps our study of the artistic aspects of the novel is directed in one way or another towards the artistic style that shows and highlights the elements that establish the artistic structure of the novel work as a state of behavior. In the living reality of an individual or social self and in a specific situation.

The novel (Inhabitants of the Four Houses) by the great Mosul novelist Ghanem Aziz Al-Aqidi is one of the Mosul novels that is full of many interconnected artistic elements, especially (description, dialogue, and characters), and this is what encouraged us to make it a field for accurate and sociable research.

The novelist made the city of Mosul a place for fictional events, during which he presented veiled messages scattered between its lines, and he (the narrator) kept its secrets in order to address through them an intelligent reader who seeks to know its secrets. At the same time, the novelist does not seek for his novel to have a historical and documentary orientation stemming from his knowledge. It is deeply rooted in the geography of Mosul, starting from the city center and passing through the villages and surrounding areas alike, but he wanted it to be valid for all times as long as the homeland is one and the popular and national concern is one , The writer's personal circumstances played a role in the emergence of the novel in its mature form, which relates to the nature of social affiliation and its cultural level, which prompted the writer, like his fellow novelists, to whom the new contemporary novel of living reality was revealed after their extrapolation of it, coupled with the revelations of their promising past, to look at man's present and future. In a spirit of optimism and confidence, his literature becomes humane through revealing negative and positive phenomena and analyzing them socially and aesthetically, agreeing between the two methods of condemning the negatives and trying to evaluate them, and highlighting the positives, And working to deepen it, employing their artistic tools through new forms that balance the artistic facts of this literary genre, and the objective facts that constitute its intellectual material and its human world through diverse artistic visions with depth, honesty and clarity.